About SafeTech Solutions

SafeTech Solutions is a international consulting firm guiding individuals, organizations, communities, governments, regions and systems primarily in the area of emergency services and healthcare.

We have been in business since 2004 and possess more than 50 years of diverse experience between the firm’s two principal partners. We have a unique four-level leadership academy for emergency services.

Our mission is to facilitate improvement and change through listening, evaluating, educating and guiding.

We are different than most consulting firms in that we:

  • begin with listening
  • honor uniqueness and localness
  • recognize that the best solutions emerge from a participatory collaboration
  • are most successful when individuals, organizations and systems no longer need our help

Our determination is to ensure that your experience with a EMS consultant is positive and rewarding. We approach each project as if our entire business rides on the integrity with which the project is conducted and delivered. We are committed to exceeding our client expectations and delivering exceptional value. Above all, we value honesty, integrity, openness, accountability, creativity, understanding, commitment, perseverance, hard work and an understanding of local culture.

What we do:

  • Assess and develop systems and organizations
  • Develop, educate and coach leaders
  • Facilitate strategic planning
  • Facilitate change
  • Conflict management and resolution

As a company and as individual consultants, we are committed to exceeding our client expectations and delivering exceptional value.

Over the last five years, SafeTech Solutions has:

  • Conducted emergency medical systems assessments for organizations, communities, counties, and regions;
  • Sought to continuously identify best practices in emergency services systems and learn about unique organizational and operational practices;
  • Educated more than 500 emergency medical services leaders in our unique EMS leadership academy;
  • Developed and assisted in the implementation of system designs for counties and regions;
  • Performed financial analysis for hospital-based, independent, and governmental ambulance services;
  • Conducted statewide rural emergency medical assessments that included a financial component  and recommendations for state actions;
  • Guided development of joint powers agreements for creation of consolidated ambulance services;
  • Developed or contributed to the development of state emergency medical services systems, trauma systems, public health plans, and the reassessment of these plans;
  • Developed emergency medical services budget model spreadsheets;
  • Facilitated strategic planning for organizations and systems; and
  • Assisted organizations in addressing leadership, staffing, fleet, and financial issues.