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Leadership Academies

Today's EMS challenges call for men and women who see clear destinations, inspire others to follow them toward those destinations, and actually get things done.

The EMS Leadership Academy is a dynamic, two-part, 60-hour educational program designed to prepare participants to lead and manage today’s EMS. It is for current leaders, new leaders, and anyone with an interest in the leadership and management of EMS. It is designed to give participants the basic tools and information needed to quickly and successfully assume the role of a leader. Since 2009, more than 2,000 leaders across the nation have participated in the Academy. 

The EMS Supervisor Academy is an intense, three-level, 60-hour educational program designed to develop front-line supervisors into key facilitators of high employee engagement.  It is for new and current supervisors, as well as anyone who has an interest in learning to better lead his or her front-line employees by developing effective people skills in the field. The course is designed to give participants time-tested tools and skills to quickly move into a respected and effective leadership role in working with EMS field providers. 

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