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SafeTech Solutions provides a comprehensive menu of services aimed at sustained success. Contact us to see how we might help you.

Leadership development & education

We believe leadership and success are inseparable. We devote a significant portion of our business to developing leaders because we believe leadership is the prime ingredient of a successful future. Leadership development is a combination of education, support and mentoring. Through our EMS Leadership Academies and team and individual coaching and mentoring, we are developing a new generation of EMS leaders, managers and supervisors.

Emergency medical services consulting

We understand EMS and organizations. We can help with organizational structure, board development, leadership and management team development, strategic planning, cost analysis, financial planning, operations, workforce planning, ensuring quality and sustainability, conflict resolution, and creating organizational cultures that workers, managers and customers love.

EMS system assessment, development & improvement

Our approach recognizes and honors the uniqueness of local communities and systems. A robust assessment starts with consultants who listen deeply as we gather the necessary blend of qualitative and quantitative data. An appropriate system design emerges from a clear understanding of local needs, resources and desires.

Rural system expertise

Our understanding of rural EMS and its challenges is unmatched in the industry. We have spent the last decade studying and working with rural EMS systems. We have conducted some of the largest and most innovative studies of rural EMS in the nation and are helping organizations and communities create sustainable systems.

Strategic planning

Our unique approach to strategic planning begins by focusing on what really matters. We believe that planning should be a regular organizational practice that is fun and engaging. We build internal support and enthusiasm for plans that can really be implemented rather than collecting dust in three-ring binders.

Financial assessment

Using our own backgrounds in operating financially successful EMS operations and in-depth cost studies, we help systems and organizations achieve financial health. With a broad knowledge of the industry and big-picture thinking, we guide our clients toward long-term sustainability.

Management services

With broad experience in the successful management and operations of both large and small ambulance services, we help organizations get on their feet and operate reliably and sustainably. Fundamental to our approach is creating employee-engaging cultures.