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SafeTech Solutions guides individuals, organizations, communities and government in creating reliable, sustainable and high quality emergency medical services.

Since our start in 2004, SafeTech Solutions has steadily built a reputation for providing great service and value to our clients. We are determined to ensure that your experience with SafeTech Solutions is not only positive and rewarding but exceeds your expectations. We do this by beginning with listening. 

SafeTech Solutions does not presume to know what is right for you before taking the time to fully understand you, your situation and the unique local environment. We are different from most consulting firms because we:

  • Begin with listening;
  • Honor the uniqueness of the individual, organization and community;
  • Bring a deep understanding of current and emerging best practices;
  • Recognize that the best solutions emerge from participatory collaboration;
  • Use a team approach, rather than one single consultant or perspective; and
  • ​Believe we are most successful when our help is no longer needed.

We approach each project as if our entire business rides on the project. We are committed to exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional value.