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2024 EMS Leadership Academy - Foundation in Leadership

September 30 - October 4, 2024
Hilton Garden Inn Las Vegas City Center
4655 Dean Martin Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Fee: $2,700.00 – Includes tuition & all student materials (incl. 5 books by John Maxwell, Brene Brown; Strengths Based Leadership; EQ 2.0; etc.)
Prerequisite: None

Foundation in Leadership is a unique 40-hour initiation into leadership, part of SafeTech Solutions' acclaimed EMS Leadership Academy. 

The Foundation in Leadership program begins with a simple question:  How does one effectively influence others? If the core of leadership is to see a destination and inspire others to move towards that destination, how is this done?

Beginning with the challenges and issues facing today's organizations, the program advances a deep understanding of the basics of human motivation, organizational culture and employee engagement to develop a foundation for leading (not just managing) these challenges. Participants learn to reflect on their own roots and their own current place in the journey to see the specific skills, talents, actions and behaviors each needs to develop and hone. 

In a dynamic, enjoyable, participatory and interactive setting we invite participants to become deeply immersed in leadership. No death by PowerPoint here; rather, we embark on a path of experiential learning using small groups and active role play. Specifically, Foundation in Leadership will: 

  • Show why good leaders are critical to success in today's emergency services organization;
  • Create a practical definition and understanding of leadership and how it differs from management;
  • Explore sources of influence and how influence actually works;
  • Explain basic human motivation, how brains work and what people want from work;
  • Review the differing approaches to leading and influence;
  • Reflect on what we personally bring to leadership and how our personal leadership strengths and challenges show up;
  • Analyze today's workforce and how to influence, motivate and actually satisfy a new generation of workers;
  • Learn about creating organizational cultures of high employee engagement; 
  • Define accountability and how to cultivate real accountability without drama;
  • Get crystal clear about drama and toxic employees and how to deal with them effectively;
  • Demonstrate how to use storytelling as an essential and effective skill for motivation and influence;
  • Find a new appreciation for imagination in seeing the way forward; and 
  • Learn how to maintain balance in leading amid fear, challenges, time constraints, difficult bosses and unexpected adversity.

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