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Privacy & Refund Policy

Privacy Policy

SafeTech Solutions does not collect data on any of its End Users without their specific permission, which would only be granted based on surveys, questionnaires, email lists, or other opt-in programs. At this time, SafeTech Solutions has never used any of these data collection methods, nor does it intend to do so. Additionally, if SafeTech Solutions were to collect this information based on any of the above mentioned methods and with user approval, it would have no interest in selling or displaying this information in any manner; nor would it do so. All data provided to SafeTech Solutions by its clients is done so through secure ordering methods, and is held in the strictest privacy. None of this data is ever displayed outside the company, other than to show necessary contact information such as names, email information, and phone numbers for registered courses.

Refund Policy

SafeTech Solutions will grant full refunds for course registrations up to 10 days prior to the event. Refunds requested after 10 days before the event will not be honored. SafeTech Solutions is not responsible for travel or lodging accommodations made by the user from any source other than the SafeTech Solutions course registration website.